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Mt Gambier / South Australia

Artists & Gallery Director


Damien Shen

Damien Shen draws from his Ngarringeri and Chinese heritage making powerful images that reflect the complexities of race and identity in Australia. He’s “interested in the Coorong region, work that relates to the stories my family has about their early memories of growing up on the Raukkan mission in the early 50s”. An accomplished story-teller, he will work with Mt Gambier artists, producing tintypes through a travelling interactive project involving local communities.

Profile image: Brent Leideritz

+ Robert Hague

Robert Hague’s sculpture brings together the feel and grandeur of antiquity with an often-biting commentary on the modern world. By embracing classical techniques, he manages to make the bitter into the sweet and shows us that contemporary art can be timeless. 

Throughout his work he revels in ambiguity, conveying simultaneously elements of the heavy and light, the fixed and fluid, the brutal and the tender. He works across numerous media including, printmaking, video, painting and installation but with a concentration on sculpture, in both metal, resin and stone.

Robert grew up in small town NZ at a time of deep racial division and this has influenced many of his most recent projects. He has turned the lens inwards and focused on the conflicts created by colonisation, migration, race and inequity.


Robert migrated to Australia 30 years ago from the North Island of New Zealand where he grew up surrounded by the volcanic rock pools of Rotorua. He has two young sons.

From his studio in Newport, he has exhibited widely and is represented in major public collections such as the National Gallery of Australia and the National Gallery of Victoria. In 2019 his work was the subject of a retrospective at the Casula Powerhouse (Sydney). Recent exhibitions include ‘New Prints’ at IPC New York, ‘Common Ground’ at NGV International, ‘The Megalo International Print Prize’ (Canberra), ‘Porcelaine’ at Turner Galleries (Perth), the Blake Prize (awarded the Blake Residency), the ‘Wynne Prize’ at AGNSW and 'Inaugural' at Nicholas Projects.


Sera Waters

Sera is currently working from Adelaide after having spent her childhood in Mt. Gambier. Since being awarded a Ruth Tuck Scholarship in 2006 to study hand embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework (UK), Waters’ art practice has been characterised by a darkly stitched meticulousness. Her embroideries and hand-crafted sculptures examine settler colonial home-making patterns and practices, and intertwine these gaps in history with references to her own genealogical ghostscapes. In 2017 she was the recipient of the inaugural ACE Open South Australian artist commission, where she staged her solo exhibition Domestic Arts. Her works are held by the Cruthers collection of Women’s art, Ararat Gallery TAMA, the Art Gallery of South Australia and private collections nationwide. Waters is a studio member of The Incinerator, Thebarton, lecturer at Adelaide Central School of Art, and is represented by Hugo Michell Gallery.

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Melentie Pandilovski


Riddoch Art Gallery

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